Lakeland Airways Beaver From Temagami ON Gets Zero Time Engine

C-FJKT, Serial1023 with past modifications. This engine change had to be scheduled mid week and completed in time to allow chief pilot and Lakeland Airways owner Daren Gareh, to fly back to Temagami to pick up fishing groups at their fly-in outposts by Friday so new groups could be flown in to their outpost camps on the weekend. The engine change was started on Tuesday and the new engine was run for the first time late Thursday afternoon, a three day turn around.

Like many Beavers, the Lakeland Airways aircraft has been modified. The battery has been moved to the fire wall, a custom interior was installed, the aircraft has had a recent paint job, a Kenmore water steering system has been installed and bubble cabin windows were added giving passengers a better view. Lakeland airways acquired the JKT in 1978 and is only the second owner of the aircraft. It was previously owned by Austin Airways and is reputed to have been Rusty Blakey’s favorite aircraft. Rusty Blakey being one of Canada’s famous bush pilots.

Science North in Sudbury has mounted a Rusty Blakey Commemorative Sculpture overlooking Ramsey Lake at Science North. It was erected in August 1988 in memory of Thurston Rusty Blakey, a Northern Ontario bush pilot for nearly 50 years.

Lakeland Airways carries on the traditional work of the aircraft flying fishermen, hunters and adventurers into the north as explained in some text from the Lakleland Aviation Web site.

Fly-in Fishing to outpost camps by Lakeland Airways.

Your party is flown to one of our outpost camps for rest, relaxation and fishing. The camps are comfortably equipped with propane refrigerator, stove & lights.

Wilderness Retreat – Nature Viewing by Lakeland Airways.

Fly-in to a remote outpost cabin (one cabin per lake maximum). Excellent bird, wildlife, nature viewing/photography, painting, star gazing, canoeing opportunities. One marked plasticized lake map with description of surrounding landscapes/features, trails, prime-viewing areas or point of interest sites will be provided. Pre-trip instructions with written notes will be offered.

Fly-ln Canoe Trips by Lakeland Airways.

Spend 7 days than travelling the water routes of this grand country the way the early explorers did! This is the area Grey Owl as well as many other trappers traversed in search of furs, gold and a life-style that was truly harmonious with nature.

Call Omar Aviation Ltd.

Omar Aviation Ltd. invites commercial operators to inquire about our services which include maintenance, inspections, repair and modifications to commercial float plane fleets. We are within two years of celebrating our fiftieth year of operations. Not only do we have the experience to meet your expectations, due to our small size, our projects receive personal attention, are completed on time, and completed at an economical cost. Please contact Norm Major, Director of Maintenance, at 705-983-4771 with any questions you may have.

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