Beaver & Kenmore Modifications

  • Baron Stol Kit with Wing Angle of Incidence Change
  • Enlarged Cabin Side Window Modification
  • Wipline 6000 Amphib Floats
  • Increased Gross Weight to 5370 lbs.
  • Jasco Alternator Kit
  • Bracket Air Filter
  • Avalaska Hourmeter Airspeed Switch Modification

This is only a partial list. Please contact us for more information.

Kenmore Modifications

  • Propeller (3 Blade)
  • Battery Relocation
  • Alternator System
  • Baggage Compartment
  • Gross Weight Increase Kit
  • Seat (Three-Place Center)
  • Windows (Enlarged Rear)
  • Windows (Bubble Cabin Door)
  • Fins (Seaplane)
  • Float Hatch
  • Water-Rudder (Steering)
  • Steps (Floatplane)
  • Brakes (Amphibian)

To see complete descriptions of the above Kenmore modifications, please click here.

JKT EngineViking Air

In 1947, the deHavilland Aircraft Company of Canada introduced the DHC-2 Beaver aircraft. They produced approximately 1600 before ceasing production in 1967. Known by some as the “workhorse of the north”, the Beaver has been instrumental in the development of modern frontiers around the world. It is also the first single-engined utility aircraft to be turbine powered with deHavilland producing over 60 Turbo units before production ceased.

Today, Viking Air, Victoria International Airport, owns the original jigs and drawings. They also hold the Supplemental Type Approval (STA) / Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for replacing the Pratt & Whitney (P&W) PT6A-20 engine with the P&W PT6A-27 engine which increases the Turbo Beaver’s “all-up” weight to 6000 lbs. These and other enhancements make the VIKING Turbo Beaver a very interesting and useful commercial aircraft.