Omar Aviation Ltd. provides the following services:

  • Inspections: annuals, 100/200 hour, pre-purchase, import/export
  • Maintenance and Repair: airframe, engine, floats, avionics, aircraft weighing
  • Can have oil sample analysis completed on request.
  • ESSO 100LL aviation fuel on key lock system or during regular business hours
  • Kenmore Air DHC2 Hatch Kit: A Kenmore mod provides extra baggage capacity. Ideal for storing your catch.
  • Winter storage and engine inhibiting.
  • Install aircraft interiors and headliners. Seats recovered by local upholstery businesses.
  • Repairs to fabric aircraft.
  • New windshield installation, we can complete the job for you.
  • Installation of all cabin windows including bubble and domed windows.
  • Performance exhaust for your Cessna 172.
  • Major and minor repairs and repainting for all sizes of floats.
  • STOL modifications that include: A.R.T. wing extensions, droop tips, vortex generators, Sportsman and Horton STOL Kits.
  • Intercom and ELT installation.
  • Aircraft salvage.
  • Change overs from floats to skis or wheel skis.
  • First time ski or float installations.

We use Shell Canada oil for all aircraft engines. We carry oil treatment products. Aviation fuel of 100LL is available during regular business hours or through our key lock system.

Omar Aviation Limited is a Transport Canada Approved Maintenance Organization #366-91 with the following ratings:

  • Structures rating.
  • Tubular rating.
  • Gas welding rating.